Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So 2013 is almost up...and what a year it's been! A lot has seemed to have happened over the last 12 months and none more so than in the fickle world of fashion.

The fashion world is always changing, with peoples' minds seemingly altering as quickly as the seasons change. I've outlined the trends that I've loved and tried to channel myself...and as you can see I got a little over excited with the iPad drawing app! Excuse the terrible handwriting!

1. PINK This skirt was one of my fav buys of 2013 and in the colour of the summer. Pink dominated the wardrobes this year, mainly in the coat department, with the high street giving us some of the best ones around (M&S and Zara to name a few)

2. EARRINGS Multiple piercings were the name of the game. Unless you have more than two in each ear, you just aren't down the cool kids. I currently have two in each ear (as I had to take one out because of an infection!) so stay tuned for maybe more...or you can fake it with a cuff. Up to you!

3. FINE JEWELLERY Jewellery downsized this year, fine chains and small pendants but in multiple layers graced necklines and wrists. This gold one is my dream!

4. THAT SKORT The only Zara piece you needed to own this year...and I jumped on the bandwagon

5. VARSITY Being part of a team was the name of the game this year. With a number and a name on your back you were good to go

6. HATS Any hat, be in brimmed or not, adorned the heads of women all over. A felt fedora was the front row's hat of choice

7. ISABEL pour H&M The collaboration of the century perhaps?! Definitely the most fought over

8. DUNGAREES Comfy and fashionable?! Who knew the two could go together. 

9. CAPS So old school cool. Backwards, forwards, leather or cotton. The choice is yours

10. TRAINERS Thank you to whoever made these fashionable. I think we owe it to Phoebe Philo. I love her for allowing me to wear trainers even when I'm not playing sport!

11. BEANIE Cara Delevingne, the beanie owes everything to her. I own 6...and counting

12. WHITE & NO BRA White was the colour of both summer and winter. Top to toe or just one piece, its fresh and sexy. And my favourite colour to wear. Oh and go braless for ultimate sex appeal

Pics various, editing ME

Sunday, 29 December 2013


New literature in the form of Tim Walker's new volume, The Granny Alphabet. A witty and oh so sweet book dedicated to those ladies who, let's face it, are pretty darn awesome. And the other book in the duo is a beautifully illustrated alphabet of all things wonderful about grannies.

Pretty lush when all I've got to read is a never ending pile of uni books.

Pic mine

Saturday, 28 December 2013


My first...and hopefully not my last. Welcome to my wardrobe Acne. (cue much stroking and fawning over said t shirt...even though I do realise it is just a white t shirt...not just any old one though!)

Thanks to my grandparents for the amazing prezzie! And Matches for the gorgeous box.

Pic mine

Friday, 27 December 2013


Hope you've all had lovely Christmas times surrounded by family and friends and far too much food! I've had the most amazing Christmas and am now lying on the sofa like a small whale browsing through the sales and looking at amazing photos like these ones.

How incredible are these shots by the talented Chris Searle?! Don't you just want to be in his gang?? I know I do. And I want to be miles away from windy, cold England on a beach in my bikini.

Chris' use of the sunlight directly onto his lens is just so perfect as it shines past old trainers and beautiful bodies. And that iconic photo second from the top featured on nearly ever Tumblr ever made...now you know who took it. 

Check out more of Chris' work and his ad campaigns over on his website or follow him on Instagram for regular doses of amazing photos.

Pics via ChrisSearl.com

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


So an outfit post (I know shocking stuff!) Sorry about the poor lighting in the snaps but they were shot just before our christmas party. Those are the beautiful tables you can see in the top piccy! 

Was such a lovely evening with old friends, lots of food and an epic quiz.

Just wanted to show you my A M A Z I N G charity shop find in the shape of this Dries Van Noten blazer. Perfectly oversized but also fits so well across the shoulders. It couldn't have been a better find!

Shirt: Whistles    Trousers: GAP    Blazer: Dries Van Noten    Boots: Topshop    Necklace: Cassandra Goad    
Watch: Swatch 

Monday, 23 December 2013


So as its almost Christmas I thought I would compile a little wish-list...that is only really ever going to appear in my stocking in my dreams!

Oh well that's what christmas is all about. 

Undies-Weekday kickers by Stella McCartney, wouldn't mind rocking a pair of these

Leather jacket-Acne, probably the most perfect jacket ever made (& its in the sale! Run!!)

Quill-Maison Martin Margiela, I think lectures would be a whole lot more fun writing with one of these

Socks-Brora, cashmere beauties to keep you warm and looking so chic

Sunnies-Rag & Bone, unfortunately sold out everywhere but they are so perfect! Might have to search through eBay 

Book-Storyteller by Tim Walker, my all time favourite photographer has released another book, amazing!

Watch-Larson & Jennings, I want it, I want it!!

Happy dreaming on this eve of Christmas eve!

Saturday, 21 December 2013


The gorgeous Sabrina from one of my fav blogs AfterDRK has just done a lovely shoot with an amazing store called The Dreslyn which I had actually never heard of.

The shoot is Sabrina's ode to dressing up, in anything but the dress. Androgyny is how I roll and so any excuse to substitute the dress for a white suit or boyfriend jeans suits me very nicely.

We are just preparing for our annual christmas party at my parents house so thinking I might channel some of Sabrina's effortless style into my own outfit for the night.

Hope you're partying on down the weekend before christmas wherever you are!

Pics via TheDreslyn

Friday, 20 December 2013


So 2014 is going to be a busy year all round, blog wise, uni wise and life wise. And a busy year calls for good hair!

This style looks pretty perfect too me. Not sure I'll go all out and embrace the blonde (might wait until summer for that) but the length is amazing. 

Its almost Christmas and I think I'm done on my shopping! (Not that I'm showing off or anything!) 

But 2014 is going to be good for the blog. I'm covering London Fashion Week in February for my uni paper so get ready for some regular posting...hopefully!

Good luck this weekend if you're going shopping.

Pic AfterDRK

Sunday, 1 December 2013


So the House of Peroni closes its doors after an insanely successful time at Portland House. 

Food by Michelin starred chefs, drinks by expert mixologists and works by over 30 innovative Italian artists, musicians and others. 

It was a roaring success that will now continue, as of today, at the online forum www.thehouseofperoni.com, with daily updates of all things Italian fashion, music, art and food. 

The online editorial destination is the only resource of Italian talent of its kind and will give culture lovers (and all you Italian wannabes) a taste of Italy until the physical doors reopen again in May 2014.

I for one will be subscribing daily!

Pics from TheHouseofPeroni closing party