Tuesday, 24 February 2015


A few of my fav snaps from the street style at the latest London Fashion Week.

Currently obsessing over Pandora Sykes' bomber jacket in the second to last pic - she just has the best wardrobe ever & has also transformed the Wardrobe Mistress page in the Sunday Times Style mag into something I actually bother to stop and read!

I realise that obviously the fashion weeks are all about the collections but personally I love trawling through the street style galleries to find a bit of outfit inspiration.

And there is nowhere quite like London for feeling inspired.

Pics Le21, Harper'sBazaar, VogueUK, Vogue.com

Sunday, 22 February 2015


An enviable house, a gorgeous dog, a wardrobe to die for and tattoos that actually make me want to get some...oh and of course a killer bod.

Welcome to the life of Erin Wasson, all round god-I-wish-I-was-her kind of gal.

Photographed by the amazing Natalie Joos for her blog Tales of Endearment which is one of the best ways to while away a couple of hours...or put off looming essays.

I love seeing inside the lives of those people who we think we know. Living your life in the public eye must be the weirdest thing so it's nice to know that actually, they're pretty normal.

Just a whole lot cooler than us regular folk.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


All white simplicity on this Sunday evening.

Kate Bosworth at her beautiful best rocking clean, layered and gorgeous whites.

Currently attempting to do my uni reading for the next week...safe to say I am finding much better distractions in the form of this months editorials that are circulating the internet.

Way too much goodness...not that I'm complaining.

Marie Claire UK March 2015

Photographer: David Roemer
Stylist: April Hughes

Pics via StuddedHearts

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Currently crushing on the #mycalvins campaign. I cannot get enough.

All I am saving for is a matching pair. One penny at a time. 

Now I just need to decide on the colour...white for summer?? Or grey, just because?

Also if you have time to kill, check out the gallery on the Calvin Klein website...unreal.

Pics Pinterest & Tumblr

Sunday, 8 February 2015


This. Please. Right now.

If only teleporting was a real thing.

Pic OracleFox