Sunday, 30 September 2012


Just a little bit of eye candy for a Sunday evening as we head into autumn and it starts to rain rather a lot in England. Jeal if you're in a part of the world thats heading into summer!

This website is the perfect place to go find yourself some beautiful men when you're feeling down-something i do very regularly!

Heres to another week!


All piccys from TotallyWould

Friday, 28 September 2012


Howdy y'all! Loving the Western look thats popping up all over the place so thought i'd do a little inspo post for all things cowboy-ish...



Piccys from TheyAllHateUs, CarolinesMode, StylebyKling, Zanita, OurReligionIsYou, DependsWhatDayItIs, FashionMeNow, CoolKidsCan'tDie, PrettyLittleWildFox & OracleFox

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Thought I'd just do a little post about a couple of photographers who I recently stumbled across and who are both Canadian and UH-MAZING!

The first is Petra Collins who is a visual artist and photographer. Her brutally honest and beautiful pictures of teenage girls make her one to watch. I absolutely love the frankness of the shots and will be following her from now on like a hawk!

Secondly is Lewis Mirrett who is defo my fav photographer i've seen in a long time. His highly saturated street shots from Toronto, Paris, Milan and New York showcase the best dressed people in a different light to other street photographers, capturing the angles you don't always see. I'm in love with his 'in-the-moment' piccys of hair swishing around and skirts tucked around ankles. If you love these, defo check out his tumblr.

Hope you enjoy the insight in two photographers who I love and who I hope you will too!


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All above piccys from PetraCollins

All below piccys from LewisMirrett