Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Easy breezy too cool for school.


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Monday, 27 January 2014


Red (well burgundy really). The only colour I really have in my wardrobe besides pink. And even then only in very small quantities. I live in blacks, greys and whites but I think I want to expand my collection though as I think red is a pretty rockin' colour, a happy colour.

What about you?! Is there one colour that dominates your wardrobe?

Ps excuse the un-ironed uni room does not provide very good shooting opportunities!

Beanie: Urban Outfitters    Diary: Moleskin    Bra: Random shop in Menorca    Lipstick & Lip-pencil: MAC   
 Make-up Bag: Chanel    Cactus: Garden shop (The cutest thing ever!)

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Saturday, 25 January 2014


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful little sister! She's currently off doing a chalet girl season so I won't see her but hope you have an amazing day and party on down in the evening after work. Wish I was with you but seeing you at Easter! Cannot wait.

Here's to many more summer holidays and un-staged jumping-into-the-sea piccys

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Friday, 24 January 2014


Daria just can do no wrong. Here she is behind the scenes for the Summer 2014 Mango campaign wearing the most amazing selection of white on white. 

And her hair!!! I want I want!! 

Photographer: Josh Olins

Via FashionGoneRogue

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I just did probably one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done in my life!!

I just booked flights to Amsterdam in June!! How exciting is that?! I've never been there but I've always wanted to and now, thanks to an Easy Jet sale, I am!!

2014 is set to be an epic year! 

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Friday, 17 January 2014


New in. Fab t-shirt from an amazing French brand called Edma

They're tops are limited edition, only available for a specific amount of time and only a specific number available. Which I think is a pretty cool idea! 

I don't have enough t shirts so can't wait to wear this one. Might have to wait a bit to show it off though as its so freaking cold where I am! Wish I was Down Under in the heat wave.

Follow Edma on Instagram for regular pics of their gorgeous designs.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Its so cold here...the gym is so far away...

I'm using this amazing editorial from i-D featuring the incredible Candice to try and spur me onto the gym. But all I want to do is put my pjs on and climb into bed with a vat of hot chocolate.

Is that so bad?!

Photographer: Matt Jones    Stylist: Inge Fonteyne    Model: Candice Swanepoel

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Sunday, 12 January 2014


January. A new year and a fresh start. But terrible for general body and skin condition. 

Father Christmas was amazing this year at bringing me beauty bits and bobs and these are my fail safes to get you through these cold times!

& Other Stories Rose Hand Cream Probably one of the best brands for skin care and their hand cream is amazing. And smells so delish. Very necessary for post-biking hands.

& Other Stories Rose Body Scrub Equally good. I don't usually scrub my body but this one leaves your skin smelling like roses all day. What's not to like?!

& Other Stories Make-up Wipes None of the red raw eyes that normal remover pads give me but merely make up free skin that feels silky smooth.

Vaseline Rosy Lips I'm not usually a fan of Vaseline as I don't think it really moisturises that well but this one is better than average! And it leaves a slight pinky sheen on your lips which looks so fresh for those cold winter days.

L'Oreal 7-in-1 Saviour Honestly the best nail care varnish I've ever used. Run, don't walk, to the chemist to get it! Seriously..go!

Pic. You'reSoVain

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

DARIA @ 30

Honestly doesn't get much more perfect right?! 

Daria at 30 for the cover shoot of February Harper's Bazaar US. 

Perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect face. The ultimate fashion pin up.

And this is just a snippet. To see the full shoot and to read just how amazing she is head over to the Harper's website.

Model: Daria Werbowy    Photographer: Daniel Jackson    Stylist: Alastair McKimm

Pics via FashionGoneRogue

Saturday, 4 January 2014


2014. New Year. New resolutions. I've made 10 that I'm writing down so that I have to stick to them! I'll keep you posted as to how I'm getting on. Good luck with yours!

1. No snacking. Bad stuff that is,

2. Gym more. At least 2 times a week. That's realistic.

3. Drink water. And hot water with lemon. Apparently its good for you or something!

4. Be content.

5. Travel, on the cheap. Europe is right there after all.

6. Cook more. Experiment and be adventurous! At least within a student budget.

7. Take more photos. And print them out!

8. Learn to skateboard!

9. Be brave. Go & get it. Whatever that may be.

10. Carry notebooks everywhere. Write. Stick. Draw.


Pics OracleFox, Tumblr, TheyAllHateUs, FashionMeNow

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HAPPY 2014!

Happy happy new year to you all!! I celebrated the end of 2013 and the start of 2014 in style with some of my best friends and a lot of champagne (well Cava...I am a student after all!) I hope you all did the same and had a cracking evening!

Here's to a new year for the blog and exciting times on the horizon.

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