Monday, 22 February 2016


The tall towers of Wapping Hydraulic Power station loom imposingly over the road but still you would be forgiven if you passed right by the entrance to the latest Annie Leibovitz exhibition. The only giveaway is the light grey flag hanging majestically from one of said red brick towers, fluttering in the light breeze. There’s no mass of crowds nor are there the usual logistical annoyances to enter an exhibition. A quick chat to a security guard, a downing of the coffee, a few steps down what appears to be an old fire escape and you find yourself immediately in the heart of the exhibition.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


It's no secret that I have a totally huge adoration for Daria.

Everything she seems to touch/pose in/photograph just turns to gold.

This latest Marie Claire France campaign is no exception.
I love it when it gets to March. There's just a feeling of hopeful promise in the air; an excitement of expectation that January and February bury beneath their freezing exterior.

Not that we're there yet.
But the magazine industry are of course months ahead of us...ok just the one but still.

They know what's coming.

And if it's anything like these photos, I for one can't wait.

Daria Werbowy for Marie Claire France March 2016
Photographer: Vanmossevelde+N

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Friday, 12 February 2016


On this freezing cold Friday tea time, I have a confession to make...

I'm obsessed with pretty looking food. I love it. 
I love arranging it to look nice. I love it when the colours work. I love putting stuff around it to make it look even better.

And what I love above all else is taking a satisfyingly well lit photo of said beautiful food.

Why?! I really, truly have no idea.

I don't think anyone cares if my magazine matches my #smoothiebowl. Or that my smoothie bowl was seriously green this morning (actually 21 people cared about that one). Or that I made the perfect boiled egg

'Cos come on, all those things are pretty boring.

But I can't stop myself. Show me a pretty looking plate and I just have to photograph it. Wherever I am, whoever I'm with. Even though, if I'm out, I'm often incredibly embarrassed by having to stand up, holding my phone above my head to get the perfect birds eye shot.

I will say one thing though.
I never make food just to take a picture.

I just make it look better than it would on a regular morning. Because obviously I don't photograph my breakfast every morning...obviously.

Oh well I'm glad I've revealed that little bit of information about myself.

Do you incessantly take photos of your food? Or are you more normal than I and simply eat the food put in front of you?

One of the first lessons my parents taught me is not to play with my food...I guess an apology is in order. Sorry mum!

Pics via @ivrashton Instagram

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Sunday afternoon, going into tea time, excuse me while I slip into my matching underwear set and arrange my hair artfully on the pillow...

Ha sure, right because that's what I'd rather be doing. Not hugging a mug of tea dreaming of which biscuit I'm going to dunk in it.

Excuse the cynicism. Because I actually really love this campaign for Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2016. I don't really know why. But I just think it's shot so beautifully and the tag lines are just so clever.

It was shot by Tyrone Lebon, my latest photography obsession. He shot a recent editorial in last month's Vogue on location in Jamaica and it was beautiful and effortless in one moment. And I think that's what he's captured in these photos.

The effortless of wearing Calvin Klein. 

What do you do in #yourCalvins? Something perhaps a little more ambitious than tea drinking?!

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Back to life. Back to reality.

Why do weekends always feel so freaking short?! And why do I never do enough in them??

To Copenhagen and took less time that it takes to get to Edinburgh normally. And about the same price too.

Anyway enough of what I haven't done. Let me tell you about what I did do.

Copenhagen. Voted the best city to be a woman in Europe, according to Stylist!
And it truly was amazing.

Such a beautiful, clean, safe, happy city. Everywhere we went, people were kind to us, friendly and willing to take the time to help. A novelty after the crowded, silent rush of London's people.

We spent the weekend wandering round the city's streets, stuffing our faces with delicious pastries and food in general (check out Skank & Cofoco if you're heading out there), sitting around chatting about rubbish and just generally having the most special time.
There's nothing quite like hanging up your responsibilities for a moment and just immersing yourself in a new place.

And it's made all the better when you're with people you love.

Copenhagen, our weekend was too short but oh so sweet. Safe to say I'll be back, although this time with an updated guidebook....

Check out more snaps after the jump, especially the most incredible porridge restaurant called Grod. Seriously, if you're considering a trip to the city, make sure you go there. You won't be disappointed I promise! (Unless you don't like which case don't bother, as there's nothing else on the menu!)