Thursday, 26 May 2016


This editorial is everything I hope my Spring/Summer will (eventually) be.

Sunny obviously with a smattering of sequins along the way; perfectly tousled hair; a pair of fabulous printed dungarees; oh and the ability to do a full handstand.

All of life's essentials of course. 

Until that moment I'm just going to ogle at the perfection of this look-book for the Aussie designer Emma Mulholland featuring the ethereal beauty of rock chic Clementine Creevy (aka the frontwoman of the band Cherry Glazerr).

I may even YouTube handstand tutorials.

Watch out London is all I can say.

Emma Mulholland SS'16
Model: Clementine Creevy
Photographer: Byron Spencer (brother of the gorgeous Alexandra)

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Friday, 20 May 2016


A house that celebrates all things Italian? Cocktails, pizza and arancini?

For the love of Italy (as it's so aptly named this year), this, my friends, is the House of Peroni

A month long installation along the canal in East London sees stripe-wearing men boating-in guests on gondolas; a flour-covered chef cooking pizzas in an outdoor oven; and of course some of the most delicious cocktails around, thanks to Peroni and their artisanal mixologists.

Orange plants hang from the ceiling and hanging jasmine ensures that the room smells heavenly, even when packed with chattering people.

One of the bars, hidden away behind blue-lit panels, was covered in plant life including the cutest little chilli plant ever.
I'm thinking that may be my next house plant investment.
If I can just keep this basil plant alive for longer than a week, I may treat myself.

Oh so that amazing cocktail that I'm holding (that you can kind of see). 
Um, yea, so that was UNREAL!!

Aperol, Peroni, bitter lemon, loadsa ice and a dollop of the most intense orange sorbet which melted down into the drink. Kind of like a Coke float (for those 90s babies around) but better. Actually just TOO good. And yes I will be attempting to re-create it this weekend.

So get yourselves down to The House of Peroni.
Entry is free! Yes free, people, so there's no excuse.

It's also along the canal so is even more picturesque that previous installations of the House. Cue many an Instagram moment.

You can also buy tickets for various Italian feasts, cocktail masterclasses and other delights on their website.

But yea, just go. 

Take yourself and a friend if you fancy (or find someone on Bumble...if you dare) and head down there. 
Grab a pizza and a beer and while away the evening, pretending to look cool and Italian, whilst actually, if you're anything like me, spilling beer down your front and having serious issues with the melted mozzarella #reallife.

Proud East
2-10 Hertford Road
N1 5ET
(closest tube, Overground to Haggerston)

Open: Thursday 19th May - Friday 1st July

Pics taken with iPhone6

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Um yes to that. If chocolate is salad, then I can eat as much of it as I like, right?!

Well I mean everything in moderation but not salad, surely not salad. 
Those leaves that contain basically nothing but water and air.
Tasty only with a good dressing drizzled over them. 

Just the naked leaves?!

Not really my cup of tea.

Chocolate that takes on the guise of a vitamin though?

Now that, that is something I can get behind.

Check out my latest (and first!) review for Riddle Magazine, which sees me raving about the simplicity of a chocolate bar full of vitamins, right over here.

I'm just kicking myself that I didn't think of it first.

Pic from *WELL SAID* on @ivrashton Pinterest

Monday, 16 May 2016


Because no-one's bad-ass, multi-million pound, female empowering empire was.

Busy trying to create my own empire right here but realising that it's going to take time so
I. Must. Be. Patient.

You know they (that is the people who know stuff) always said patience is a virtue?!

Well I've always called bull**** before.

I'm as impatient as they come and I just want everything to happen now.
I don't want to have to wait for someone to email/call me back or wait for the right job/man/puppy to come along you know?!

But then I read this quote and realised, it's ok, because even

Beyoncé wasn't built in a day.

If she can't even do it in a day then I've got no chance. 
So I might as well sit around in my gym kit, trawl through Instagram for more #recipes and (at least try to) patiently wait.

For more Beyoncé inspo, head over to one of my favourite brand's blogs, FrankBody, to see how they rule like Queen B.

Pic from *WELL SAID* on @ivrashton Pinterest

Friday, 13 May 2016


The sun has kind of got its hat on. Well more like one of those incredible creations that are a hat with an umbrella attachment (my grandfather insists on sporting a rather fetching rainbow number).

And this editorial just seem to capture my mood when I was getting dressed this morning.

Slouchy but thin layers, the freshest pair of trainers, a glimpse of bare leg and a mane of tousled locks. 
Obviously mane aside, that's the look I'm currently sporting...or attempting to anyway.

Jacket weather never looked so good.

Vogue Australia May 2016
Photographer: Sebastian Kim
Stylist: Katie Mossman
Model: Luna Bijl

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Modern world dating. It's impossible, isn't it? 

Do you wait one hour or two before replying to a message? You don't want to seem too keen but then again you don't want them to think you're not interested at all. And you certainly never call them. Like, ever.

But then do you approach them or do they approach you?

And now, as if the modern world wasn't hard enough to navigate already, they go and introduce dating apps and say that this is the way to meet the love of your life.

Well, I mean, is it?

Friday, 6 May 2016


A New York State of Mind.

And a beautiful one at that.

The New York City Ballet's latest campaign is breathtakingly simple but effortlessly graceful, two things of course that dancers are famed for.

Now I've already told you my history with leotards and ballet slippers so I won't go on.

But for some reason my eye is always drawn towards the aesthetic surrounding dancers and often more specifically ballet. Just the shapes that their bodies make and the grace with which they hold themselves.

I feel like it's probably something you're born with hey but who knows?
I could wake up tomorrow and suddenly move with all the elegance of a swan.

But the likelihood of that is about as great as me struggling out of my chair and hauling myself to the gym.

Then again I could always channel Michael Caine's advice in what some have called his finest performance to date, Miss Congeniality...and glide, and glide.

New York City Ballet 2016-2017 Campaign

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Playing with darkness and light.

A trick of the light is never an accident of the darkness. 
Weird that. 

Darkness is just an absence of light.
But then surely light is simply an absence of the dark.

Why is the light always given a power over the dark?
Who said the dark was less powerful than light?

Darkness conceals the secrets and the light reveals them.

Who's to say which has the greater power?

Pic from *SUMMER MOODS* on Pinterest