Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The one and only Isabel.

Other than me of course.

But if one day I could ever be as effortlessly chic & elegant as Ms Marant, I'd be pretty darn happy to share the same name.

Monday, 24 August 2015


So from beach to beach we travelled. But Santa Barbara definitely trumped Carmel.

I can't explain it but there was just a feel about the city that was just so idyllic, so overflowing with creative amazing-ness.

It wasn't too big and intimidating like San Francisco was slightly but it just the perfect size for a few days of exploring. We stayed in an awesome hotel with a rooftop pool that was within biking distance of the beach, an absolute dream on the hot evenings when all you wanted and needed was a quick swim in the sea.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


A beaut few days were spent in Carmel on the coast of America.

It was truly beautiful and we had a lush few days maxing relaxing and nursing our hiking blisters in the freezing cold sea.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Just a brief interlude from the onslaught of holiday snaps to share the most beautiful campaign shot I've seen in a while.

I love this snap. Everything about it. The symmetry, her cheekbones, the beginnings of a cheeky grin.

It's practically perfect in every way.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


 Next we ventured into the woods, into Yosemite National Park to be exact, to stay in a little log cabin for a few days in the wilderness.

Safe to say I think this was the highlight of the trip.

Humungous, looming trees that were millions of years old; wildlife in all shapes and sizes from an entire bear family to a teeny, tiny squirrel; and not to mention the most breathtaking views I've ever seen.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


As promised the first of the five different places we visited in America: San Francisco.

Flying into the city was breathtaking as we had totally blue skies and the brightest light. The weirdest thing about the weather in the city (which made getting dressed a nightmare!) was that you woke up to a totally foggy, actually quite cold morning and by lunchtime the sky was clear blue and there was no need for the jumper and jacket that you then spent the rest of the day carrying around!

So many amazing sights to see. Safe to say we hardly slept owing both to the jet lag and Dad's plans to see as much as possible in the few days we had.

And see we did. From the classic open bus tour around the city, to an incredible cruise to Alcatraz prison, San Francisco is fascinating. Alcatraz was so amazing. Totally eerie, chilling place when you think about who was kept there. We went round in total silence as there still seemed to be some essence of what had happened there, especially when you stood in the cells, seeing what the prisoners saw and imagining what their life must have been like.

A highlight was sneaking in a trip to a ball game which was epic. I can now officially say that I understand the rules of baseball, up to a point. And stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge to snap a few piccys.

I think that there is a whole lot more to the city than I managed to see. Because we only had a limited time we kind of stuck to the classic touristy things. But from driving around the city there were so many little areas and cafes and museums that we didn't get to see.

I'm not sure if it's a city that I'd want to spend a huge amount of time in (the constant wind would drive me insane!) but there's definitely more to be explored. 

Still, as my first experience of an American city, it certainly was an eye opener.

Oh and there's no pictures that could do them justice...but the breakfasts...just, wow, just completely
U N B E L I E V A B L E.

Breakfast wise, if you get the chance, head to Lori's Diner or Sears Fine Food (where you should have the french toast - words can't describe).

Pics shot on Sony x55, iPhone6 & Fujifilm Instax Mini8

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


So America, weren't you an absolute treat!

I've just got back from two and a bit weeks travelling down the West Coast of America with my family. Living out of our suitcases, packed into a people carrier, having the time of our lives.

We started in San Francisco then headed out to Yosemite before cruising down the coastal road from Carmel to Santa Barbara and finally ending up in Los Angeles.

It was the most incredible trip, just breathtaking at every turn.

I wasn't sure what to expect from America really. I'd heard all the stereotypes and read a lot about it but when I got there, it surprised me. I completely fell in love!

From the huge sky rise blocks in San Francisco, the blissful stillness of Yosemite and the dolphins on Carmel Beach to biking down the beach in Santa Barbara and finally making it to the City of Angels, there's too much to tell so instead I'll show you.

Stay tuned for a collection of snaps from each of the places I visited. Or if you suffer from holiday envy, come back next week. I promise I will have finished gloating by then.

Ph. shot with Sony x55