Monday, 27 June 2016


FRAME has always done some of my favourite ad campaigns and their 2016 Fall/Winter campaign is no exception.

Leaning away from a focus on denim, Erik Torstensson, one of FRAME's co-founders, captures the models looking bad ass in an array of velvet, leather and outerwear. 

I also love the contrast of the two models' hair; one ethereal and glossy while the other hangs, shaggy and slightly unruly.

Although it's nearly July and hence the height of summer (supposedly) in England, winter campaigns seem to be catching my attention as I shove my feet back into my socks and throw a sweatshirt into my bag.

FRAME Fall/Winter 2016
Photographer: Erik Torstensson

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


So I seem to have found myself with one of the best jobs around...writing reviews.

I absolutely love it! Not least because I get to explore new places and try things I wouldn't usually try. But I also get to write an entire piece that is just my writing to a template or in a publication's voice. 

And those of you who know me, know I'm partial to a little opinion sharing.

I have total freedom to pass comment on what I'm experiencing, kind of like what I do on the blog...but with tighter grammar, less rambling and a whole lot more fancy adjectives.

My latest adventure was to a new sushi restaurant called Murakami which recently opened in the West End.

Now I am a huge sushi fan but unfortunately it usually manifests itself as a quick bite at Itsu or as part of a supermarket meal deal.

So it was a real treat to be able to go to a fancy restaurant, eat absolutely incredible sushi (seriously, it was unreal) and gossip away the evening.

Thanks Murakami for having me. 
And guys, go get yourselves down there.

Check out review for Riddle Magazine over here.

Pic Murakami

Thursday, 16 June 2016


The internet is like a black hole of never-ending crap, if we're being honest.
Many an hour has slipped by whilst trawling websites that tell me what I should be eating/drinking/sleeping in.

And god are they boring old articles. Really, they tell you nothing.

But every now and again I stumble across something or someone truly amazing. Someone that makes me want to stop wasting my life on the internet and get out there.

And Rebecca Rütten is one of those amazing people.

Her travels, her journals and her photographs are pretty much the definition of wanderlust (although that word is massively over-used, it's appropriate in this case).

From road-tripping her way through California, to exploring Eastern Europe to hanging out in Brooklyn, Rütten manages to capture the essence of the people and the place so perfectly that it makes you just want to climb into your screen to go hang out with them.

Oh and she also wrote a beautiful book "Never - Never Land" about the romance and reality of backpacking.

So I'm now thinking, fuck it. If I can't get a job any time soon, I may just pack up my shit in a rucksack and head off into the unknown.

'Cos that would be pretty darn incredible.

So thanks Rebecca for giving me a bit of motivation on this grey Thursday morning.

Rebecca is currently in Melbourne so if there are any cool cats out there who fancy a collaboration, hit her up

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Thursday, 9 June 2016


Oh to be part of the Réalisation girl gang?! 
Doesn't it look like the absolute dream?

They're the kind of girls that in my head I look like...but in reality, well I'm not quite there.
The ones that don't even try and still look like that.

They wear clothes that were designed to seduce but with such ease and nonchalance that they could be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

So after much stalking of their Instagram, I decided to treat myself to the Diane dress in navy, the ultimate sundress. And I mean who doesn't love a sundress?

But this one was different. 
I put it on, looped the string and tied it around my waist and instantly felt, well, amazing.
The well it fell, the hemline, the silky-ness.
I was in love.

And I felt so
Which, as some of you will know, is not often (read: never) the case.

So if you're having a low moment, or you're on a massive high, invest in a piece from these girls.

Trust me on this one.
This will be one purchase that you will never regret.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


On a balmy, Spring-like evening (yes this was a few weeks ago now) I headed down to the newly opened Vaudeville Club to party the night away with a gaggle of girls.

We dressed to impress and descended into a basement, where we posed beneath neon signs, drank liquid gold and sang along to Blackstreet's No Diggity.

Sounds heavenly, right?!

Read all about my evening over on Riddle Magazine where I discuss the pros and cons of the VIP table and what it feels like to be part of an exclusive guest list for the first, but hopefully not the last, time.

1-3 Trebovir Road