Thursday, 29 October 2015


This is just something I spotted on Instagram a while back.

Garance just gets it so darn right.
Now her blog is, well I think at least, the best in the business.
Her easy breezy chatty snippets are interwoven with more serious writing and of course beautiful pictures of beautiful people.
And so much of what she says resonates with what I'm thinking at that precise moment.
How does she do it?!

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Wouldn't it be amazing to go to New York? I wonder when I'll be able to afford an Hermés handbag? Just two of the questions buzzing round my head as I pieced together the collage you see before you.
Insightful, I know.
If you are looking for an explanation behind the chosen torn pages that make up the collage, you are not going to get one. I have no idea what made me put Julian Assange's well-lit but slightly wrinkled portrait next to a how-to-make your own Hermés bag out of paper.
And that, really, is the beauty behind the experiment.

Monday, 19 October 2015



Director: JustinKurzel
Rating: 15
Running Time: 113 minutes

Verdict: *****

          “Instruments of darkness tell us truths,” breathes Banquo at the start of Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth, a declaration that Kurzel demonstrates right from the start of his epic film. It opens in darkness, in total silence, and, as the mist creeps across the barren landscape, hooded figures dressed all in black materialise on the screen.

                Kurzel is innovative in his opening. The first image is not one of the bloodthirsty battles and murders that Macbeth is so famed for. Rather it is of an angelic, blue-tinged little boy, wrapped in a shroud and lying on a funeral pyre. The grieving parents, assumed to be Macbeth and his wife, clasp each other as they bid goodbye to their son, the father laying coins over the little boy’s eyes.

Friday, 9 October 2015


The selfie.

A phenomenon that is as ridiculous as it is addictive.

I mean how many times a day do you either see someone else adopting this pose, or indeed find yourself in it??

It's a crazy thing really. To think that everyone wants to see a photo of your smiling, often pouting face. Of groups of grinning girls, laughing at an imaginary joke. At couples doing some serious PDA-ing.

When did that become acceptable? No wait, even cool?