Monday, 29 June 2015


So I've just got back from the most blissful week on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece. I went with two of my best friends and we spent the week lying around on beaches and by pools, stuffing our faces with far too much food and drink and just generally recovering from the last month at uni.

It was exactly what I needed but I was incredibly lucky.

Whilst we were out there, the horrors of Tunisia didn't fail to reach us. To think that people who had saved up all year to go on holiday, who had gone to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, who were just innocently sunbathing, weren't safe is to horrific for words.

I was lucky as my photos show. 

My holiday went by undisturbed and I came home with a rapidly fading tan & a suitcase of dirty clothes.

For those who are coming home with a whole lot more or a whole lot less, my thoughts are with you all.

Pics me with iPhone6

Thursday, 18 June 2015


So the end has arrived. Three years later I am about to leave York.

It feels just so bizarre to be able to say that I'm leaving uni. I remember arriving and thinking that it couldn't go any slower. It took me a while to warm to York but it has definitely been three of the more bizarrely incredible years so far.

My body, emotions and health have been tested over the last three years. But I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't have it any other way.

There's a whole lot of unknown on the horizon and 'life' right now seems pretty freaking terrifying. But I'm excited for change, whatever happens.

This weeks tune is dedicated to my amazing housemates (none of whom actually read this blog!) It's totally random but it's just one of those songs that every time it comes on, I think of them and all the ridiculous nights we've had together, of which there have been way too many.

York, it's been amazing. 

Catch ya on the flipside.

Dancin (Krono Remix) - AARON SMITH

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


i-D always always pull it out the bag with their covers. I can't help but love pretty much every single one.

This year the magazine is celebrating turning 35, still such a baby in the mag world but no less amazing.

Can't really explain why this cover grabbed me.

Maybe it's the messy do; maybe the random freckles; maybe even the flawless brows.

I have no idea. I just love it.

The 35th Birthday Issue Summer 2015


Friday, 5 June 2015


In love with everything about this shoot.

The girl, the clothes, the styling.


Photographer: Ben Weller

Pics FGR

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Don't you just hate it when technology lets you down?!? Like when you've written a whole schpeel about how amazing your holiday was and how bad your hangover is and then it just goes and deletes itself?!

Seriously struggling right now but what I wanted to say was something along the lines of how beautiful the French roses are that snake their way up and around all the French homes.

And how I've spent the last week simply stuffing my face with croissants, devouring book after book and drinking plenty of delicious red wine.

France, merci pour la semaine.

(And no I didn't know how to say that in French...luckily Google translate was just one click away)

Pic taken on an iPhone6