Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So 2013 is almost up...and what a year it's been! A lot has seemed to have happened over the last 12 months and none more so than in the fickle world of fashion.

The fashion world is always changing, with peoples' minds seemingly altering as quickly as the seasons change. I've outlined the trends that I've loved and tried to channel myself...and as you can see I got a little over excited with the iPad drawing app! Excuse the terrible handwriting!

1. PINK This skirt was one of my fav buys of 2013 and in the colour of the summer. Pink dominated the wardrobes this year, mainly in the coat department, with the high street giving us some of the best ones around (M&S and Zara to name a few)

2. EARRINGS Multiple piercings were the name of the game. Unless you have more than two in each ear, you just aren't down the cool kids. I currently have two in each ear (as I had to take one out because of an infection!) so stay tuned for maybe more...or you can fake it with a cuff. Up to you!

3. FINE JEWELLERY Jewellery downsized this year, fine chains and small pendants but in multiple layers graced necklines and wrists. This gold one is my dream!

4. THAT SKORT The only Zara piece you needed to own this year...and I jumped on the bandwagon

5. VARSITY Being part of a team was the name of the game this year. With a number and a name on your back you were good to go

6. HATS Any hat, be in brimmed or not, adorned the heads of women all over. A felt fedora was the front row's hat of choice

7. ISABEL pour H&M The collaboration of the century perhaps?! Definitely the most fought over

8. DUNGAREES Comfy and fashionable?! Who knew the two could go together. 

9. CAPS So old school cool. Backwards, forwards, leather or cotton. The choice is yours

10. TRAINERS Thank you to whoever made these fashionable. I think we owe it to Phoebe Philo. I love her for allowing me to wear trainers even when I'm not playing sport!

11. BEANIE Cara Delevingne, the beanie owes everything to her. I own 6...and counting

12. WHITE & NO BRA White was the colour of both summer and winter. Top to toe or just one piece, its fresh and sexy. And my favourite colour to wear. Oh and go braless for ultimate sex appeal

Pics various, editing ME

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