Thursday, 4 September 2014


Mount Lavinia is the closest beach to the city of Colombo and so it is where I headed off to last weekend to relax and take a time out from the busy city life.

These photos show the progression of the setting sun, a process which was over in about five minutes.

It was a sheer spectacle and one that I enjoyed from the balcony of the beach bar that you can see in the first photo. 

I realise that many of my posts are of the sunset...

I guess you could say that I am just chasing the sun, every place I visit just transforms it completely giving me an entirely new photo that is nothing like the previous one.

My time here in Sri Lanka is almost up, only a couple of weeks are left which is bizarre when it feels like just last week I was packing to leave.

I can promise that there will be many more sunsets to enjoy between now and then. 
And maybe some other photos too! Maybe...

Pics me 

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