Friday, 2 September 2016


In the daily stress of getting myself dressed when my eyes are still too tired to be fully open, I long for a matching trouser suit.

Gone are my longings for 501s and Stan Smiths. Gone are those feelings of angst every time I remember that white tee I didn't buy.

For now I'm done with being basic.

Kind of.

But a trouser suit is so chic, so easy and so darn cool, especially with a punchy red lip. And it covers all manner of working uniform requirements. 

Go for a muted shade if your boss is a little on the strict side.
Or choose an incredible print like this gorgeous gal above and rock that suit jacket with nothing but your skimpiest lace underneath.

For today however, I'll pull on jeans and a tee because, well, you know, I'm still a basic bitch at heart.

Oh and I haven't had time to go shopping.

Pic WeThePeopleStyle (who by the way has the most incredible site)

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