Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Emma Cline's debut novel was one of those books that I read more words about before it was even released, than there are words in the novel itself.

So much hype - how to live up to that sort of pressure?!

Thankfully Cline did not falter and also did not seem all that bothered by the attention.

And "The Girls" is a masterclass in modern fiction. 

It astounds and it captivates. 
But actually at times, it makes you feel quite uncomfortable, more so for the fact that you're not sure why you feel uncomfortable.

The raw portrayal of each character and the frank description of each harrowing moment, combine to form a fiction that reads like a poignantly truthful diary.

One girl's account of her summer holidays is I guess how you'd strip it back to its barest bones.

But it's so so much more than that. Trust me.

If you're after a brilliantly powerful read, check out my review over on Riddle.

The Girls by Emma Cline

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