Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Fashion's prince channeling arguably literature's most famous. 

Oh, and there's Cate Blanchett thrown in the mix too.

Fashion's prince is of course Tim Walker, a weaver of fairytales and a genius in every sense of the word. 

Last week I headed down to The Connaught Hotel to listen to a talk between him and Edie Campbell about their collaborations and just about photography in general. It was so fascinating and some of the images that the two have created together are just breathtaking.

From a hair commercial that turned real chilis into hair rollers to Buddhist monks at sunrise, the photos are out of this world. But to Walker, they are just happy accidents, products of a day spent moving, adding, cutting and pasting.

As he put it last week, 

"You have to keep a lose reign on the chaos to create a 'real' moment."

Chaotic accident it may be, but it's a pretty perfect one at that.

Cate Blanchett shot by Tim Walker for Dec 2015 W Magazine

Pics via Fash N Chips

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