Tuesday, 22 December 2015


This video made me laugh out loud. A proper, audible laugh too. Not just a silent heave of the shoulders.

I myself don't have an Instagram husband...yet...but I have been known to use the self timer. Or my long suffering mum.

 It is crazy how unbelievably accurate this is.

That line, "We used to eat our food...now we just take pictures of it." 
So spot on it's unreal.

I am definitely guilty of Instagramming the most mundane rubbish (see multiple photos of my feet and also my breakfast) but I am getting better. And I know that my best and most memorable evenings are never immortalised in a photo. I'm too busy enjoying myself.

I feel like a backlash is probably way overdue. An anti-Insta crowd. A leave-your-phone-at-home crowd. 

And I feel like the husbands in the video will be the first ones to back this movement. 

I know for now, after watching this video, I won't be asking my next date to take a snap of me against a brick wall. Or holding a flag. Or just a photo of me at all really.

Maybe I'll try and talk to him. Maybe I'll even leave my phone in my bag rather than put it on the table. I mean maybe I'll have it there but just turn it over...at least then I won't miss anything.

Just a thought for this festive season. 

Step away from the device. Look good for the people you're with, #nofilterneededatall and really, truly, don't photograph your Christmas lunch...it looks like everyone else's. 

Trust me.

Vid via YouTube

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