Wednesday, 2 September 2015


So I realise that it is now September, month of changes, back to school and impending winter months.

But I've finally got round to the last instalment in my American road-trip diary: Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

Though it was big and noisy and boiling hot when we were there, I loved it. The roadsigns were ones that I recognised instantly; the areas where ones I'd only read about but never seen.

Although not as subtly cool as Santa Barbara there was an undercurrent to L.A that just made you feel excited, like something was just waiting to happen. I'd imagine that also had something to do with the rather large sign on the top of the hill overlooking the city but maybe not.

We managed to pack a fair amount into our three days there, visiting Universal Studios, cruising round the city in an open top 1966 red Cadillac and making an obligatory day trip to Venice Beach, my absolute favourite place we visited on the entire holiday.

So there it is. 
Five places. Just over two weeks.
An unbelievable and unforgettable holiday.

Now that the summer is over I promise there won't be any more holiday posts to come. 
But there will be some changes being made around here so make sure you stick around!

Pics taken with Sony x55 & iPhone6

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