Wednesday, 12 August 2015


So America, weren't you an absolute treat!

I've just got back from two and a bit weeks travelling down the West Coast of America with my family. Living out of our suitcases, packed into a people carrier, having the time of our lives.

We started in San Francisco then headed out to Yosemite before cruising down the coastal road from Carmel to Santa Barbara and finally ending up in Los Angeles.

It was the most incredible trip, just breathtaking at every turn.

I wasn't sure what to expect from America really. I'd heard all the stereotypes and read a lot about it but when I got there, it surprised me. I completely fell in love!

From the huge sky rise blocks in San Francisco, the blissful stillness of Yosemite and the dolphins on Carmel Beach to biking down the beach in Santa Barbara and finally making it to the City of Angels, there's too much to tell so instead I'll show you.

Stay tuned for a collection of snaps from each of the places I visited. Or if you suffer from holiday envy, come back next week. I promise I will have finished gloating by then.

Ph. shot with Sony x55

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