Sunday, 16 August 2015


 Next we ventured into the woods, into Yosemite National Park to be exact, to stay in a little log cabin for a few days in the wilderness.

Safe to say I think this was the highlight of the trip.

Humungous, looming trees that were millions of years old; wildlife in all shapes and sizes from an entire bear family to a teeny, tiny squirrel; and not to mention the most breathtaking views I've ever seen.

We spent our days hiking up mountains, ducking from shade to shade to avoid the boiling hot sun and our nights huddled up on our balcony with the BBQ going and the candles lit.

It was deathly quiet but not in an unnerving way. Just in a way that made you never want to leave. That made you actually appreciate the bird song in the morning, rather than swear loudly at its presence.

For anyone planning a trip to the West, if you have time, make sure you stop off inland at the park because it is truly magical.

Pics shot with Sony x55 & iPhone6

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