Monday, 24 August 2015


So from beach to beach we travelled. But Santa Barbara definitely trumped Carmel.

I can't explain it but there was just a feel about the city that was just so idyllic, so overflowing with creative amazing-ness.

It wasn't too big and intimidating like San Francisco was slightly but it just the perfect size for a few days of exploring. We stayed in an awesome hotel with a rooftop pool that was within biking distance of the beach, an absolute dream on the hot evenings when all you wanted and needed was a quick swim in the sea.

We ate at some amazing places, shopped our way around the city and hung out on 'cruiser' bikes just feeling pretty darn groovy.

Oh and I found a giant, pink, velvet can you not love a city that has an Alice in Wonderland chair?!

Pics shot on Sony x55 & iPhone6

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