Monday, 15 December 2014


Sri Lanka, Galle Fort. 5:30am Sunrise over the glittering Indian Ocean.

This place never gets boring. Every day is different.

Having spent three months here in the summer, coming back with fresh eyes now for two weeks, everything feels the same but totally new.

Catching up with the friends I made, playing with the Fort's crazy children and organising a huge launch party for the book I spent the months working on, no day is the same.

Come Thursday 18th December I will officially be an author which is both an incredible and slightly terrifying thought. (stay tuned for more snaps of this!)

Sri Lanka never ceases to amaze me and all I hope is that it maintains its unique nature and doesn't let itself be changed by the tourist industry that is threatening to take over the most beautiful areas of the country.

All I know is I've never been anywhere like it.

Sri Lanka, Serendib, Ceylon.

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