Monday, 21 January 2013


So I haven't been as good as I promised with my blogging...but I've had such a busy week, getting back into working and seeing everyone. Its been exhausting! 

But now I'm ill so thought i'd spend my time blogging for you guys!(and obviously getting my work done...)

And at the moment I'm completely in love with caps. Proper old school, well-worn, well-loved baseball caps. Ones that look like they're out of some high school rom com. I personally think that they are best worn back to front while pulling some bad ass face but what are your thoughts?? I'm thinking of investing in one but not sure where to start looking...will keep you posted...

Happy Monday


Piccys from WeThePeopleStyle, OracleFox, TheyAllHateUs, Zanita, OurReligionIsYou, DependsWhatDayItIs

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