Tuesday, 12 July 2016


So we all know how amazing street food is, right? We know how cool it is exploring the markets on a weekend, choosing a little bit to eat, musing over how delicious it is and how incredible that they made it right there.

But then you have the struggle. 
How on earth do I eat this? 
If it's something with a fork then you need both hands so then if you have a bag it's stressful. If it's some sort of sandwich/bun/pizza slice then you'll probably get it all down your front or the wind will blow your hair so it enters your mouth just as you take your first bite. 

Now I might sound like a terrible cynic but we all know that eating street food on the actual street is much more uncomfortable than the idea originally seems. 

And this is where Gyoza Bar comes in. It has taken the notion of street food, all the flavours and Japanese wonders, and put it in the comfort of a restaurant.

It's ideal.

Read the rest of my gushing review over on Riddle magazine.

Gyoza Bar
63-66 St Martin's Lane

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