Tuesday, 19 July 2016


So I started this blog way back when I had a terrible habit of saving every image and noticed too many amazing projects to store them all on my slowly dying laptop.

I'd read about this thing called blogging and some people were getting pretty famous by doing it and so I thought, well why not?

Now five years down the line, I can inform you all that I am not (yet) famous, sadly.
But I'm still posting up stuff that catches my eye.

And this sherbert coloured unsalvageable aquatics building is just incredible.

The artist Katharina Grosse and MoMA PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach devised this beautiful design as a unique send off to the building, using its bare brick walls as a blank canvas on which to project their sherbert coloured sunset.

Projects like this are even more special, I think, because the artist takes something that people walk past everyday and changes it into a piece of art, suddenly making it memorable.

Absolutely beaut. 

See more of the sugar-coated building after the jump.

Pics from iD

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