Friday, 6 May 2016


A New York State of Mind.

And a beautiful one at that.

The New York City Ballet's latest campaign is breathtakingly simple but effortlessly graceful, two things of course that dancers are famed for.

Now I've already told you my history with leotards and ballet slippers so I won't go on.

But for some reason my eye is always drawn towards the aesthetic surrounding dancers and often more specifically ballet. Just the shapes that their bodies make and the grace with which they hold themselves.

I feel like it's probably something you're born with hey but who knows?
I could wake up tomorrow and suddenly move with all the elegance of a swan.

But the likelihood of that is about as great as me struggling out of my chair and hauling myself to the gym.

Then again I could always channel Michael Caine's advice in what some have called his finest performance to date, Miss Congeniality...and glide, and glide.

New York City Ballet 2016-2017 Campaign

The rest of the shoot can be found after the jump.

Pics from FGR

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