Thursday, 31 March 2016


Ballet is something I've always longed to be good at. Unfortunately it wasn't to be.

Little, chubby me, aged 3 and bald was squashed into a small pink leotard with matching pink ballet shoes. My mum looked at me with all the love in the world.
My peers, even aged 3, turned their perfectly groomed heads away in horror. 
Little blond angels dancing away, pointing their toes, listening intently to the teacher.

In I went. Actually in I was pushed.
And then 30 seconds later out I came, kicking and screaming and carried by my horrendously embarrassed mother.

And there it was. The beginning, middle and end of my career.

If only I had Christian Louboutin on my side and his beautiful new ballet shoes. 
Soft buttery leather in seven different shades.

Who knows. Maybe that was the problem mum.
I wasn't wearing my Louboutins.

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