Sunday, 7 February 2016


Sunday afternoon, going into tea time, excuse me while I slip into my matching underwear set and arrange my hair artfully on the pillow...

Ha sure, right because that's what I'd rather be doing. Not hugging a mug of tea dreaming of which biscuit I'm going to dunk in it.

Excuse the cynicism. Because I actually really love this campaign for Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2016. I don't really know why. But I just think it's shot so beautifully and the tag lines are just so clever.

It was shot by Tyrone Lebon, my latest photography obsession. He shot a recent editorial in last month's Vogue on location in Jamaica and it was beautiful and effortless in one moment. And I think that's what he's captured in these photos.

The effortless of wearing Calvin Klein. 

What do you do in #yourCalvins? Something perhaps a little more ambitious than tea drinking?!

More shots after the jump

Pics from FGR, also on *CAMPAIGNS* Pinterest


  1. ughhh i love ur blog, but please dont post pictures of the kardashians.. there is nothing to look up to with them.

    hugs from finland

    1. Don't worry - this post wasn't to promote them at all. I'm in love with this campaign and Kendall Jenner just happened to be a part of it! That's all. So glad you like the blog :) xx