Saturday, 9 January 2016


Ok I'll admit it. 

Right now I'm not thinking about the million and one things I've left myself to do before school starts again next week. And I'm not thinking of my best friend's birthday present that I still haven't got or the fact that I just spent the money I'd saved on a top I do not need. 

And I definitely am not thinking about the open box of Lint chocolates sitting on top of the microwave...

No, I'm thinking about this campaign. About the simplicity of its beauty, of the two women who feature in it and the perfect shirts that adorn one of them.

Kate and Daria. 

A match made in genetic heaven.

Why oh why do my mirror selfies never ever look quite this good?! Even if I do try and filter them in black and white. 

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful shoot after the jump.

Meanwhile those chocolates just seem to have fallen into my lap...resolutions?! 

Oh leave me in peace. It's the weekend.

Pics via FGR and on @ivrashton Pinterest

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