Thursday, 28 January 2016


A weekend away...just what the doctor ordered.

End of January, rainy, dreary, grey and who's super sensible and booked flights before Christmas?! In the sale!! 

Uh-huh, oh yea, that's me (insert smug looking emoji face).

Copenhagen baby, here I come!

Friday lunch to Sunday night - a whistle stop tour, a girls mini break, a few days to eat, drink and try and soak up some of that Scandi style that pictures so beautifully capture.

For now I'm attempting to cram my life into an x by y by w dimensioned holdall (carry-on bag only)...and it's not going so far I have three outfits, a toothbrush, one pair of (hopefully) non-laddered tights and five pairs of pants...

I'll let you know how I get on on the fashion front.

I won't be posting on here but I'll be on my Instagram , obviously.

See you on Monday!

Oh and I realise that Camille is French but her style is just so Scandinavian - and her and Pernille together are just perfection.

Pic via Pinterest

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