Friday, 9 October 2015


The selfie.

A phenomenon that is as ridiculous as it is addictive.

I mean how many times a day do you either see someone else adopting this pose, or indeed find yourself in it??

It's a crazy thing really. To think that everyone wants to see a photo of your smiling, often pouting face. Of groups of grinning girls, laughing at an imaginary joke. At couples doing some serious PDA-ing.

When did that become acceptable? No wait, even cool?

I for one blame the flip camera on an iPhone. No one really bothered before when you had to actually turn your phone around to photograph your own face.
Now there's a camera on the front that's just as good as the back. Oh and it also comes with a self-timer. I mean come on, why wouldn't you?!

But alas there's a time and a place for a selfie, as demonstrated, often incorrectly (except if you remember Ellen DeGeneres', which was just epic), by infamous celebrities snapping away.

So I guess, next time you raise your phone to photograph your own smiling face, ask yourself, why am I taking this? Who really wants to see this?
Wouldn't a photo of my feet be so much better?! #fwis

NB. I actually rarely 'selfie' as my face is so lopsided it doesn't tend to come out well. But anyway. That's for another day.

Pic from TheCoveteur

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