Thursday, 29 October 2015


This is just something I spotted on Instagram a while back.

Garance just gets it so darn right.
Now her blog is, well I think at least, the best in the business.
Her easy breezy chatty snippets are interwoven with more serious writing and of course beautiful pictures of beautiful people.
And so much of what she says resonates with what I'm thinking at that precise moment.
How does she do it?!

This little note was just a quick upload onto her social media. But it just rang so true for me and is one of those photos I keep flicking back to in my library whenever I'm having a moment of personal crisis (yea it happens sometimes you know).

But here is the lesson: as a writer, and as a person, you have to accept the highs and lows of inspiration.

As a journalism student I am of course expected to, and want to, write all day every day.
But with school assignments to do, a more journalist-y blog to write for and You're So Vain, the inspiration part of my brain feels like it's drying up.

But I guess I'll just ride it out, which is ok because you never know, something amazing could appear along the ride.

Fingers crossed because I really don't have long until my next deadline!

On a side note, how gorgeous is Garance's handwriting?! Kind of what I've always strived to achieve but no, mine remains stubbornly messy and not chic or elegant in any way.

Oh and Garance has just published her first book Love x Style x Life - hello Father Christmas?

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