Saturday, 30 August 2014


Every city has its graffiti but I just loved the simplicity of the one word floating on the white wall

The view from my kitchen window, just a little snippet of the outside world

The city at sunset, just showing off really

Sipping on some fancy cocktails, one of which was aptly titled 'English Lady'

Hashtag big city life no?!

A few snapshots of a week in the city. And a pretty lush week it was too. 

From random graffiti round every corner to tiny local restaurants that serve the best food around, tuk tuk drivers who always want to argue over the price and bus drivers who have a death wish, random cows wandering past huge department stores and cake, a whole lot of cake.

The city is always busy, there is always something to look at, something that will catch you eye.

And I'm loving it.

Pics me, all taken with iPhone 4

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