Sunday, 10 August 2014


Just checking in, late on Sunday evening here with a cheeky snap from my last four days.

I got a much desired week off and headed for the coast, to Arugam Bay for a few days with some friends. 
And I had the best time. It was amazing, so chilled, such a cool place, I just lay around on the beach watching the surfers, lay in this hammock reading my book (a lot) and just generally really enjoyed doing nothing.

It was nice to explore a bit of Sri Lanka that I hadn't been to before as well and just see how, for such a tiny country, it really does have so much to offer.

Oh and one night when we were driving out to a party, we saw break lights ahead on the road. Everyone sat up to see what was going on and there, all over the road and surrounding fields was a herd of about 40 elephants, ranging from babies to huge adults! They were trumpeting and running around. It was absolutely incredible, a sight I know I won't see again.

For now though it is back to work as I've come into the city to work for a few weeks which should make an interesting and undoubtably tiring change!

And sorry for the lack of posts. 
It's not that I don't have the photos, I just can't used a lot of them as they're for work :)
But don't you worry I'll still be keeping up with you lot, letting you know what's happening on this gorgeous island, giving you little snapshots of what life here is like & how beautiful this place is.

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