Tuesday, 8 July 2014


The mysterious hair fruit

The mosque at dusk
A round-up of my last few days exploring the fort, absolutely sweltering days but really interesting ones. Safe to say I'm a tad burnt but oh well!

The fort is one of those places that everywhere you look, there's a little corner, a doorway or an empty street that looks so photogenic I can't help but stop.
I've only been here a week and already taken about 400 snaps!

So the hairy fruit...I'm still unsure as to what its name is but it tasted like a cross between a pear and a nectarine. V weirdly nice actually. Refreshing. Bought from a little man by the beach.

Hope you're enjoying my little snapshots of Sri Lankan life. 
Oh and I know the lighthouse is in there again-it'll probs be in every post I do as it looks different every day! Hope you don't mind.

And they're are no piccys of me because this heat really does not agree with me, my hair or my face at all. 
Once I'm back to looking my best I'll be sure to get some snaps.

Pics me

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