Monday, 16 June 2014


So I know it's been a while but here it is as promised.

The first Monday Motivation for June. Never too later ey?!

And it is one to remind you all that it's ok to slap on the make-up every once in a while.
Realistically we all know it only enhances our natural beauty!

Yves Saint Laurent is a bit of a gem when it comes to quotes. 
He was a man who appreciated the woman in all her forms. He wouldv'e been that friend who told you you looked good even on your most hungover of mornings.

This is one I borrowed from the wonder that is TheWriting, one of the coolest accounts on Instagram.

Happy Monday guys. Stay passionate.

For more Motivational writings check out the last one from May, or even the genius that is Dr. Seuss

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