Monday, 11 November 2013


So everyone knows that Italians do it better...don't they?!

This returning project called the House of Peroni is a celebration of the Italian culture and arts scene, of its style and creativity. It runs all the way through November at 41 Portland Place, London.

Designed by the amazing Andrea Morgante, guests can enjoy fashion installations as well as fashion, art and documentary shorts. There is also a cinema space where Italian contempororary films will be shown throughout the day and into the night. There are a couple of bars, a more formal dining area and a soundtrack provided by the newest and hottest Italian DJs and producers. Basically it is a place to chill out, meet friends, all the while surrounded by the newest and coolest Italy has to offer.

What's not to love about it?! 

For more information and to get tickets head over to The House of Peroni.

See you there!

Pics by Jonathan Stokes via TheHouseofPeroni

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