Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The master, The Sartorialist

The KTZ show

Sophie Webster-the best shoes around

No. Wait. Is that blue sky?! Why yes the sun did come out for the fourth day of LFW and so did the peacocks. Fashionistas one and all littered the entrance to Somerset House aching to be photographed. And there were almost as many photographers as there were people being photographed. Nonetheless, I did my bit, snapping a few of the best dressed then off I went to explore the showrooms. 

I hung around looking at beautiful clothes, getting my makeup done, eating a Starbucks, then headed over to the KTZ show, which couldn't be further from the delicate lace at Burberry if it tried. Leather jackets, jumbo peaked caps and plenty of gold and silver hardware were worn by models with serious attitude and serious eyebrows. It was a pretty cool show but the clothes weren't particularly wearable. Although that horned hairband would improve my street cred...

Ph. mine

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