Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Although I love England when the sun shines, there's nothing better than the feeling of excited anticipation that surfaces before foreign travels.

My family are all growing up and doing their own thing but we still love nothing more than all escaping together, somewhere we've never been before, to discover all things new and amazing.

And next week we are off to the West Coast of America and I couldn't be more excited. I've stocked up on polaroid film, have (finally) got my digital camera fixed and am busy trying to decide what to pack and where to go and what to eat and see and visit.

But in actual fact, I'd rather know nothing. 
There's nothing like getting lost in a new place. That's how you end up truly exploring a country.

So what do you say?!

Let's get lost together.

Bikini: COS
Notebooks: Smythson
Trainers: Adidas Gazelle
Sunnies: Toyshades
Clutch & Card Holder: You'reSoVain

Pic shot with Sony a100

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