Thursday, 27 September 2012


Thought I'd just do a little post about a couple of photographers who I recently stumbled across and who are both Canadian and UH-MAZING!

The first is Petra Collins who is a visual artist and photographer. Her brutally honest and beautiful pictures of teenage girls make her one to watch. I absolutely love the frankness of the shots and will be following her from now on like a hawk!

Secondly is Lewis Mirrett who is defo my fav photographer i've seen in a long time. His highly saturated street shots from Toronto, Paris, Milan and New York showcase the best dressed people in a different light to other street photographers, capturing the angles you don't always see. I'm in love with his 'in-the-moment' piccys of hair swishing around and skirts tucked around ankles. If you love these, defo check out his tumblr.

Hope you enjoy the insight in two photographers who I love and who I hope you will too!


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All above piccys from PetraCollins

All below piccys from LewisMirrett

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